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Mimosa Sunday

Mimosa Sunday

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Fragrance: grapefruit and mangosteen

Fragrance notes:  orange peel, mango, grapefruit, peach, cedar, red currant

The name says it all. This sweet, tangy fragrance is full of citrus with a bit of sweet peach. Create a bright, uplifting mood that pairs perfectly with mimosas! During Summer, we often have “Mimosa Sunday." A simple, delicious brunch with friends and family (or sometimes just the two of us) and our Mimosa Sunday candle burning in background. Cheers!

 Size: 10 oz or 3.6 oz

Contents: 100% soy wax, phthalate-free fragrance oil, lead-free cotton wick

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Who doesn’t love Mimosa Sunday

This candles smells so refreshing and revitalizing. I cannot stop smelling it!


Smells amazing!

Spring is in the air!

Such a refreshing and vibrant scent! This will be my go to candle for spring cleaning, reading on a sunny day, or just wanting to feel refreshed! Great quality for a great price! Love that it’s clean ingredients too!

Gina Cliver
Smells so delicious you can almost taste it!

Wow from the start! When you receive your order you're going to think someone sent you a gift. So many extra special touches that you only seem to get from small businesses who take the time to go the extra mile. I also liked the helpful information enclosed to make the most of my purchase. And FREE shipping!

I don't like to be disappointed when I purchase scents, so I did my homework on this one: Mangosteen has been described as being like a lychee, peach strawberry and pineapple. A lychee is sweet, with slightly floral and acidic notes, tasting similar to a strawberry and pear with a hint of citrus and rose. Sounded good to me.

LOVE. This is the perfect balance of scents--not too tart and not too sweet. This happy and cheerful fragrance is perfect for burning by yourself, or with friends, just hanging out on a sunny afternoon. Cheers to Mimosa Sunday! These are definitely going to be my go-to gifts this year.

Carlyn Mitchell
Bright, clean & energizing!

I love lighting Mimosa Sunday on weekend mornings while I listen to happy music and check things off my to-do list and reset the house’s energy after/in preparation for busy weeks! This is the perfect candle for creating a joyful mood - and who doesn’t need more joy?